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How it Works

$20 Minimum for Delivery

  1. Select items of your choice for delivery and add to cart
  2. Select check out when ready
  3. Fill out the “Billing & Shipping” form with your name, address, phone number, email and any other additional information, requests, etc. that may be important to your order
  4. Check box to agree with terms & conditions
  5. Check Place Order Button
  6. If you reside in our delivery area (Delray Beach, North Boca Raton, South Boynton Beach, Gulfstream, Highland Beach, Ocean Ridge) your order will be sent to our team member within a few minutes
  7. We will call you to confirm your order & process delivery
  8. Delivery will be made to your address within one hour
  9. Payment will collected upon delivery (cash or credit card)
  10. Enjoy Delray Hideaway products and services from the comfort of your home!!!